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Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District (SMPDD) is working with Michael Baker International, Inc. in partnership with Arcadis to perform updated coastal flood analysis and mapping for Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties. This updated analysis will ensure that these counties have maps which reflect the current flood risk based on modern ground elevation data, updated modeling, and inclusion of local resilient features. While borne from a grassroots effort within the communities themselves, and locally supported, this effort will be fully compliant with FEMA’s guidelines and standards. The entire study process will be closely coordinated with FEMA Region IV to ensure that the resultant mapping can be smoothly incorporated into the National Flood Hazard Layer. These updated maps will ensure that residents of coastal Mississippi clearly understand their flood risk and empower these communities to proactively mitigate their risk. Updated mapping will allow the coastal communities to confidently forecast the potential for growth and development coupled with the demand for flood insurance and financial risks that will allow for a positive economic growth for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.