Project Update

IDS#1 – Submitted March 2019, Final Approval Received February 2020 – included the project technical approach, digital elevation model and study area characteristics.

IDS#2 – Submitted December 31, 2019, Final Approval Received December 14, 2020 – included the description and process for utilizing numerical storm models to predict coastal flooding and a description of the JPM-OS methodology to develop storm suite that will be used in the analysis.

IDS #3 Section 1 – Submitted May 7, 2021, Final Approval Anticipated November 2021 – ADCIRC and SWAN production runs of the JPM-OS storm suite.

IDS #3 Section 2 – Submitted August 27, 2021, Review Comments Anticipated Mid-October 2021 – included the development of water level and wave statistics from the ADCIRC and SWAN production runs, and the development of the 1% still water elevation surface from the statistical results.

Currently, overland wave modeling efforts are progressing to determine 1% waves for use towards development of flood hazard maps. Once the flood hazard maps are developed, the maps and all the engineering data developed as part of this project will be submitted to FEMA Region IV as a MT-2 Physical Map Revision. This will enable FEMA to review the data and revise the existing FIRMs and FIS reports.